A Quick Guide to Handling Delayed Flights

A delayed flight might look like it will change your travel plan completely but thankfully there are proactive things that you can do to make sure your journey does not become a bust. Follow these tips to know how to handle delayed flights well.


Know Your Rights

The most important thing that you should be aware of is that you have rights – every flyer on an airplane has rights and when they are violated they have the right to ask for compensation from an airline. As long as you have proof of your booked flight and other necessary requirements, then you can get compensated by the airline. Some people get 600 euros from the airline as compensation because the airline changed their travel plans.

However, not every issue that you experience at the airport entitles you to compensation – they have to be specific issues that the airline could have avoided, prevented and predicted but did not do so. For instance, extraordinary circumstances are things like sudden thick fog that could hinder the pilots vision and the flight overall so the airline would have to unexpectedly delay the flight due to safety concerns – you cannot get compensated for this. However, if it was a small technical issue that took over 3 hours to fix and could have been predicted and avoided, then the airline should give you compensation. To quickly get compensation and learn more about it, visit airclaim.com.

Call People

If your flight delay affects plans that you have with other people, you should call them about the changes in schedule. For instance, if someone told you that they would pick you up from the airport but your flight got delayed by 4 hours, you should let them know immediately with your phone or the internet so they will not be stuck waiting at the airport. You should also fix any meetings that you had if the sudden time change would affect your previously set appointments.


If you want to rebook your flight and the airline might let you do it for free or at a small cost, we suggest that you might want to try skipping the line. The rest of the people who have the same delayed flight as you might have the same idea. You can call up the airline instead, even if you are there, to rebook you to another flight that will work for your schedule. This will help you avoid a line that could take hours and get the job done in minutes.

Free Credits

Sometimes, the airline will give you free hotel or meal credits for your delay, even if it was not that long. Again, if the reason you had a flight delay was weather-related or unforeseeable circumstances you might not get this – however if you think you can, it could not hurt to ask. This can help you enjoy yourself while you wait for your next flight and helps you pass time.

When you have a delayed flight, you should do these things right away to make sure your travel plans are not ruined.

Source: vremea