Canceled and delayed flights – what now?

Being stuck at the airport because your flight got canceled or delayed is truly the worst, but what can you do now? Well luckily for you, you actually do have a lot of options that you can do while you wait. Do not let those hours go by and get wasted – here are some things that you can do at the airport when your flight gets delayed or canceled.

Get a New Flight

If your flight gets canceled while you are at the airport, you can talk to an employee there who can help you get a new flight for free. It would have an alternate route that you can choose to take. If you got a canceled flight before you went to the airport, you should be able to find your new flight schedule on their airline’s website or you can call them (just make sure that the flight number is still the same). If you do not like any of the alternative flights that the airline offers you, you should have the right to get a full refund for the ticket.

Get Compensation

If your flight is delayed, there is a chance that the airline has to give you compensation. You can file for a compensation claim request at the airport or go to their website. However, it can take awhile and you might not have enough time to do it – thankfully you can visit to get the help that you need. They help you get compensated quickly without doing all the hard work – all you have to do is give them the information required and you just have to wait for them to hand you the compensation money.

Not everyone who gets a delayed flight is entitled to compensation though. There are strict rules and guidelines that the delay has to have before you can ask for compensation. For instance, you normally have to have 2-3 hours of delay before you can get anything. Normally if you have a delay, especially if it is tarmac delay (a delay while you are in the plane), you should be offered free drinks and food after 2 hours.

Getting money for compensation can be a bit trickier though and it has to be very specific. For instance, you can normally get compensation for 2-4 hours of delay (depending on the flight and amount of miles the travel would be) but anything less than the required amount of time, even by a minute, can disqualify you from claiming compensation. Try to keep proof of your flight and delays just in case because you might be able to get money if it follows the rules for airline compensation.

It also has to fall under the proper reasons – every flight delay cause will not let you get compensated. Extraordinary circumstances that cause flight delays do not let you get money and they are normally things like smog, sudden bad weather that could affec the flight, etc. However, you can claim for compensation if the cause of delay was within the control of the airport like a technical issue.

If you are facing a delayed or canceled flight, do not fret – there are still things that you can do to get your travel plans back on and get compensated.